Answers to the Starbucks Quiz Published January 22, 2015

1. There are 5.5. million Starbucks MyStarbucksRewards gold card holders right now (as of January 2015). 2. The city with the most Starbucks is Shaghai - 320 stores.

3. The largest Starbucks market outside of the United States is China.

4. 16 percent of tender is with the mobile app

5.  All of the ideas below EXCEPT a partnership with Alaska Airlines are things that Howard mentioned as concepts that Starbucks customers may see coming soon.

  1. A pilot project around express locations in New York, which will offer a streamline food and beverage offerings.
  2. Starbucks introduction of delivery – either by baristas or 3rd party vendors
  3. Mobile order and pay via the Starbucks app is planned for over 600 pacific northwest stores in the coming months, and then nationally, later in 2015.
  4. The ability to use your My Starbucks Rewards stars to buy Alaska Airlines miles, in a new partnership with Alaska Airlines.
  5. Customer response to the Roastery has been so strong, we are planning another Roastery in Asia in 2016

6. Howard said during the 22nd investor call: It should be noted that MSR is one of the most important business drivers as new members not only contribute short term increases revenue and profit but also long-term loyalty for years to come. (close to verbatim)

7. There are currently 9 million MSR members

8. The Roastery had the strongest opening in Starbucks' 40+ history.

9.  All those statements below are correct except the one about pizza - While you can get a delicious pizza at the Roastery at the Serious Pie restaurant, nobody said anything during the investor call about pizza coming to Starbucks everywhere in the Pacific Northwest. That was my own wishful thinking. ;)

  • New Branding for the Reserve Brand.
  • Sourcing, Roasting, and providing premium small-lot Reserve coffee for ultimately 1, 500 Reserve stores.
  • New small pizza lunch items for Starbucks stores all across the Pacific Northwest.
  • Support and delivering coffee for approximately 100 super-premium Reserve stores.

10. Starbucks shipped 100 million K Cups in December 2014 - "Our strongest month ever" for K Cups



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