Free Grande Starbucks Frappuccino May 24 - 30 with Purchase of Special Promo Cup!

IMAG5234 Frappuccino promo cup 2200 Westlake Ave Starbucks 23 May 2013Starting May 24th, (through the 30th of May, or until supplies run out) when you buy a special Frappucino re-usable cold tumbler, you'll get a free Grande Frappuccino!  Just in time for Memorial Day weekend!  It will be warm and sunny in many areas of the country - perfect for Frappuccinos.  (Though  I wouldn't count on Seattle being warm and sunny!)  It sounded like a fun promo to me, and so I thought I'd mention it! The reusable cold cup comes with a domed lid, but you can buy a flat lid for it too.  The promo cold cup is $12.95.  I prefer the tumbler with a nice flat lid:

IMAG5232 Frappuccino lids 23 May 2013 - Columbia Center StarbucksIMAG5230 Frappuccino promo cold cup with flat lid

And, while I am on the topic of Frappuccinos, a reader on vacation in Tokyo sent in this photo:

Hazelnut White Mocha Tiramasu Frappuccino 22 May 2013 @Brucery

At-home coffee bonus stars:

And on a change of topic, also there is a promo going where if you're buying any at-home coffee (whole bean coffee, Via Ready Brew, Verismo pods, and K-Cups) now through May 30, at any participating Starbucks store, you'll earn 5 stars for each qualifying at-home coffee purchase.  There are a couple of details that are important to know:  you must be paying with a registered Starbucks card, and your profile at must be at the "Gold" level.  In other words, as you know, you don't have to use the actual gold card.  Right now, I am using my Evolution Fresh card.  But you do have to be a "gold" level member of MyStarbucksRewards.  And, as always, I assume that stars will show up in your star history, which you can track online at or using the iPhone or Android Starbucks app.

(Important edit - 5/25 at 4:57 pm - You do NOT have to be a gold level card holder to earn the 5 bonus stars!  You can be at ANY level of MyStarbucksRewards.  I sent an email to an official Starbucks spokesperson and got a quick reply back:  I have definitely confirmed that the 5 bonus stars is open to all MyStarbucksRewards participants.  My apologies for the confusion.)

This is an open thread.  It's been eons since I've designated a thread as an open thread and I thought it made sense to start a long weekend talking about Frappuccinos - or talk about anything Starbucks-related!

To all my U.S. readers with a three-day weekend, hope everyone has a fun Memorial Day weekend!

How many of these Starbucks coffees have you tried?

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