Starbucks chalkboard art: More wonderful barista created signage

I love seeing Starbucks signs that are hand-drawn by baristas!  I thought it would be fun to share a whole series of chalk art photos I've been taking.  This is just a tour of some fun Starbucks barista-created chalkboard art - I have organized the pictures below by their stores. SEATTLE MUNICIPAL TOWER (aka Key Tower)

^ That is entirely hand drawn.  When I first saw it, for a moment, I thought that might be a cut out.  But that has the signature of shift supervisor Scott's work.  Readers of this blog might recall that last year I raved and oohed and awed over Scott's rendition of Starbucks Christmas Blend 2011.  His tiny little office tower Starbucks - with just one single chalkboard - is super lucky to have him.  I stop by now and then just to check and see what's new from Scott!


All of the Olive Way artwork was drawn by a barista named "Jim," I think.  I believe he actually works at the Terry and Republican Starbucks and does artwork for both Starbucks locations - Olive Way and Terry and Republican.


MAGNOLIA HOTEL  - Licensed Starbucks in Denver

I snapped this photo on the 29th of September.  It was a chalkboard sign on the sidewalk immediately in front of the licensed Starbucks store in the Magnolia Hotel in Denver.  I thought a few of my readers might find this funny.


This beautiful sign for your favorite fall beverages is currently hanging inside the Terry and Republican Starbucks.  And, again I think "Jim" is the artist.  This is so beautifully drawn!

Hope you enjoyed this quick tour of some beautiful chalk art!  I am often impressed at the talented baristas in green aprons!

Can you pick a favorite from above?


I love it when I hear from readers and get blog ideas and/or images for blog posts.  My email address is Melody at StarbucksMelody dot com.  I've been hoping that someone would write to me with great images (that they took) that I could use in my blog.  For example, I know that Starbucks is testing a Cranberry Mocha, and I would love images of the signage, the drink, and if you have tried it, tell me if you like it!  Another example is the new container drive-thru store in Denver - I've been thinking it would be great to feature a few photos of it here, and I've crossed my fingers that someone in Denver would send photos of it.  The new Denver drive-thru is an expansion on the design of stores built from shipping containers.  The first one was this shipping container Starbucks in Seattle.  So, I am looking for reader help for articles:  I love getting photos of chalkboard art, international stores, and I'm looking for Cranberry Mocha photos and reviews.  And I'm looking for photos of the Denver drive-thru ... or anything else that you want to send my way that is current and interesting.  Thanks in advance for your help!

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