Seattle Starbucks news: We Love You Fridays. Free tickets to the Woodland Park Zoo and more.

Starbucks is returning to their tradition of giving away free tickets to "home town" Seattle events.  The catch is that they are only handed out after 3:00 p.m. on Fridays, at company-operated Starbucks in greater Seattle.  I realize this article will likely only appeal to Seattleites, but since it is a such a great opportunity to get free tickets, I don't want Seattle locals to miss it!  The "We-Love-You-Fridays" started today, and only lasts for four weeks. If you visit a Starbucks today (May 18, 2012), you can pick up a free ticket to the Seattle International Film Festival.  I discovered that if they have plenty of tickets, they'll gladly give you two of them.

On Friday May 25, 2012, drop by Starbucks and pick up a free ticket for admission to the Seattle Art Museum.

On Friday June 1, 2012, you can get a free ticket to the show Sister Act at The Paramount.

On Friday June 8, 2012, you get a free ticket for admission to the Woodland Park Zoo.  I like this one a lot!  It's been a long while since I've been to the zoo, and I think I need to go back soon!  The Woodland Park Zoo has a regularly-updated blog, and you can follow them on twitter too.

I got my free tickets for the Seattle International Film Festival!

Seattleites, hope you enjoy your free home town event tickets!


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