Should Starbucks introduce the Dark Cherry Mocha to the US?

Dark Cherry Mocha in China 2009 Should Starbucks bring the Dark Cherry Mocha to the United States? What do you think?

Currently, this beverage is offered in China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and possibly other international markets as part of the seasonal holiday line up. I know baristas who probably think that any beverage with whip cream  and sprinkles on top and isn't really a true "Italian espresso beverage" but we all know that people go to Starbucks for their favorite indulgence and not because they're seeking to have an italian espresso beverage experience. If one visits and searches on "Cherry" there are an abundance of results of people wanting Starbucks to offer a cherry syrup. Lots of people want it for a Frappuccino flavor. I think I might like to try a Passion Tea Lemonade sweetened with Cherry! I was sad after Melon syrup was discontinued because suddenly my Passion Tea Lemonades seemed really dull.

I would love to know if the  Cherry Mocha was ever tested here in the U.S. My guess would be that it was, but I don't know for sure.  Here are a few threads on "Cherry" flavored beverages (some threads may be closed or merged by the MSI moderators):

If anyone reading this blog has tried the Cherry Mocha (or know if/when it has been tested in the US), please tell us how you like it! Looking forward to your comments, as always. :)

Cherry Mocha 2009- UK Starbucks website

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