15 Pieces of Starbucks flair

Random Acts of Coffee Passion The inspiration for this blog post comes from the movie "Office Space".  Jennifer Aniston has a waitress job that she hates and she is required to wear "flair" at work.  She always wears the bare minimum number of "flair" and her boss is always on her case for only doing the bare minimum. She's fed up with being a waitress and eventually quits her job. My apologies, this blog post will make little sense unless you're familiar with the movie Office Space.

Ever since I saw the movie Office Space I started to notice all the many little pins that baristas wear all over their aprons and it reminded me of the "flair".  I'm not suggesting with this blog that baristas are really secretly fed up with their jobs or hate their pins!! In fact, I think I'd proud to wear a "Clover" bin on an apron, if I were a barista. It means you're Clover certified! One big distinction between the "flair" in office space and the million little pins that baristas wear is that a barista earns the pin. I was chatting with a friend about flair who said that Via earrings too count as flair. Technically I think that is "flair". :-)

I don't have 15 green apron pins, and so I'd welcome seeing more of them!  In the meantime, let's continue with "Random Acts of Coffee Passion"!! I think that's my favorite of the "flair" but it's so hard to pick. What's your fave? (Thank you to Larry at Seattle Custom Framing for help with the pics).

Via Pin

Tazo Tea Pin

Starbucks Green Team

Random Acts of Coffee Passion

French Press and Siren Pins

Coffee Tree Branch

Clover Pin

[[Edit on 11-7-2009]]

A reader very recently wrote to me because he saw this blog post and wanted to share some of his own Starbucks pins. He emailed me a few images which I am passing along to you-all now. I am a bit kicking my self that I failed to include a V2V pin in my original post, because I am sure that I have one somewhere. At least I hope I haven't lost it! Please enjoy a few more pieces of flair courtesy of reader contribution:

Be genuine pin

Starbucks logo pin

Involved pin

V2V pin


[[Edit on 11-8-2009]]

A reader wrote to me and wanted to share what a "5 year Anniversary Pin" looks like. This is totally cool. Notice the nice note that comes with the pin, accompanied by a classic H. Schultz autograph:

5yr Starbucks Anniversary Pin

[[Edit again on 11-8-2009]]

Another reader has contact me with a pic of this barista's favorite piece of flair!! Worn with great pride!

Coffee Master pin

[[Edit again on 11-10-2009]]

Here's a Starbucks Chocolate pin image sent to me by another reader! Thank you so much for all the many emails and ways that baristas have contacted me about their flair!


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