I'll take a "double grande" Starbucks passion tea lemonade please. (Cold drink sizes, tall, grande, venti, double grande)

Double Grande, Venti, Grande cups This post is the kissing cousin to the tea menu featured a few weeks ago in this blog.  At the same time that Starbucks experimented with whole leaf in their stores, they tested a larger sized iced beverage. It was called "double grande" and 32 ounces in size.  The test size was intended for Tazo tea beverages, and not Frappuccinos.  Unfortunately, I didn't save any of the old 32 ounce to-go cups, and the only picture I could find is attached. The "double grande" size prominently says Tazo Tea on it.  Adjacent to it is a typical Venti Starbucks cup, and then next to that is one of the very early cold reusable iced to-go tumblers.

What do you guys think of a "double grande" size? Great for cooling off in the summer, or reminds you of "super size" me too much?

Edit on March 3, 2010:

Much to my surprise, Starbucks again is testing a super large cold drink size.  The new round of testing is called the "Trenta" and is a test product currently, through the end of the month, in Phoenix and Tampa.

I have a recent blog post featuring the "Trenta" cup here:

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