StarbucksMelody is a fan website. It's a little bit of everything under the sun, all with some connection to Starbucks.

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A Brief History

StarbucksMelody lives in Seattle. She's lucky enough to be close to the oldest Starbucks at 1912 Pike Place, near the Seattle Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, and near the headquarters. She's close to it all.

In 2009, she decided that the world needed a kind of happy-go-lucky authentic fan-created Starbucks website. In September 2009, the same day as the national launch of the then-new Via Ready Brew Instant Coffee, went live.

From there, she kept writing and writing and writing. Constantly updating. This site now has about 90,000 unique readers a month. It has grown by word of mouth. This site is a one-woman show with no real advertising budget. I can't say it enough: I count on you to tell your friends about

What you will find here is a little bit of everything: Melody is not paid by Starbucks. She's a real person. No fan is a cheerleader 24/7. You'll find everything under the sun on this website: History articles, opinion articles (sometimes with suggestions or criticisms), coffee education, exclusive to Seattle, Starbucks products in grocery stores... it really is a mix of all kinds of things.

Pull up a chair and start poking around. Brew some great coffee. Let me recommend Caffè Verona. And be warned, she's not a Starbucks employee. This is just one customer's Starbucks adventure living in Seattle.