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Just so you know...

StarbucksMelody.com is, essentially, a small Starbucks fan website. It's a one-woman show. You'll find a variety of articles which will mostly have a Seattle focus, as Melody lives in Seattle. You might be curious that the closest Starbucks to her is the Starbucks Roastery.

Overall, this site strives to have fun, uplifting, Starbucks content, featuring either Starbucks information or any of its wholly-owned brands, such as Teavana, Evolution Fresh, Tazo Tea, or Seattle's Best Coffee. Some of those brands are primarily grocery store brands.

You will find a few controversial, caustic, and salty articles on this website. Let's be honest here: Anyone who is a cheerleader for a brand without question, 24/7 probably is not so authentic. While 95% of Melody's Starbucks experiences are perfect, she cannot say that there's not room to criticize, offer thoughts to improve, and vent a little. If you cannot handle an isolated once-in-a-blue-moon controversial article, this website might not be for you.

If all this sounds like something you might enjoy, please pull up a chair, browse the site, and subscribe.

Thank you,

Melody ("StarbucksMelody")